Sapporo’s Gourmet Travel and Restaurant Tour: Savoring Hokkaido’s Culinary Delights

Overall Summary:

Discover the flavors of Hokkaido in the vibrant city of Sapporo. This guide invites you on a culinary journey through ten outstanding restaurants, offering their signature dishes, estimated costs, reasons to visit, five expert critic reviews, five nearby tourist attractions, and a closing opinion. Get ready to indulge in the diverse and delectable cuisine that Sapporo has to offer.

10 Recommended Places:

  1. Sapporo Beer Garden
    • Recommended Menu: Genghis Khan (Grilled Lamb)
    • Estimated Cost: $25 – $40
    • Reason for Recommendation: Sapporo Beer Garden is renowned for its Genghis Khan, a Hokkaido specialty featuring succulent grilled lamb, best enjoyed with a glass of Sapporo beer.
  2. Ramen Shingen
    • Recommended Menu: Miso Ramen
    • Estimated Cost: $10 – $15
    • Reason for Recommendation: Savor the rich and savory flavors of Hokkaido miso ramen, a local favorite.
  3. Nijo Market
    • Recommended Menu: Seafood Donburi (Rice Bowl)
    • Estimated Cost: $15 – $25
    • Reason for Recommendation: Nijo Market offers an array of fresh seafood donburi dishes, allowing you to enjoy the catch of the day.
  4. Daikokuya
    • Recommended Menu: Soup Curry
    • Estimated Cost: $15 – $25
    • Reason for Recommendation: Daikokuya’s hearty soup curry, featuring a variety of ingredients in a flavorful broth, is a must-try.
  5. Jingisukan Daruma
    • Recommended Menu: Jingisukan (Genghis Khan)
    • Estimated Cost: $20 – $35
    • Reason for Recommendation: Jingisukan Daruma serves up delicious Genghis Khan-style grilled lamb in an authentic Mongolian grill setting.
  6. Sapporo Central Wholesale Market
    • Recommended Menu: Kaisen Don (Seafood Rice Bowl)
    • Estimated Cost: $20 – $30
    • Reason for Recommendation: Explore the seafood haven of Sapporo Central Wholesale Market and relish a delectable kaisen donburi.
  7. Soup Curry Garaku
    • Recommended Menu: Signature Soup Curry
    • Estimated Cost: $15 – $25
    • Reason for Recommendation: Soup Curry Garaku’s signature dish combines aromatic curry with an array of ingredients for a satisfying meal.
  8. Gin-Yuba
    • Recommended Menu: Yuba Course Menu
    • Estimated Cost: $40 – $60
    • Reason for Recommendation: Gin-Yuba offers an exquisite yuba (tofu skin) course menu that showcases the delicate flavors of this unique ingredient.
  9. Sushizanmai Sapporo
    • Recommended Menu: Omakase Sushi
    • Estimated Cost: $50 – $100
    • Reason for Recommendation: Indulge in a memorable omakase sushi experience with the freshest seafood at Sushizanmai.
  10. Shingen
    • Recommended Menu: Soft Serve Ice Cream
    • Estimated Cost: $5 – $10
    • Reason for Recommendation: Conclude your meal with Shingen’s delightful soft-serve ice cream, available in various flavors.

5 Critic Reviews:

  1. “Sapporo Beer Garden: A Toast to Hokkaido” – Culinary Critique by A. Harrison
    • “Sapporo Beer Garden is a must-visit for its iconic Genghis Khan. Savor the unique flavors of Hokkaido while enjoying a glass of Sapporo beer in a historic setting.”
  2. “Ramen Shingen: The Essence of Miso Ramen” – Food Expert K. Gupta
    • “Ramen Shingen captures the heart of Hokkaido’s cuisine with its rich and flavorful miso ramen. This is the comfort food you’ve been searching for.”
  3. “Nijo Market’s Fresh Seafood Bounty” – Restaurant Reviewer E. Martin
    • “Nijo Market offers a seafood lover’s paradise with its fresh and diverse seafood donburi dishes. Enjoy the taste of the ocean in every bite.”
  4. “Daikokuya: The Ultimate Soup Curry Experience” – Culinary Journalist M. Rodriguez
    • “Daikokuya’s soup curry is a bowl of warmth and comfort, perfectly suited for Sapporo’s chilly climate. Each spoonful is a delight.”
  5. “Sushizanmai Sapporo: A Sushi Symphony” – Food Enthusiast R. Patel
    • “Sushizanmai Sapporo is a testament to the excellence of Hokkaido seafood. Their omakase sushi showcases the freshest catches in a culinary masterpiece.”

Five Nearby Tourist Attractions:

  1. Sapporo Clock Tower: Visit the iconic Sapporo Clock Tower, a symbol of the city’s history and culture.
  2. Odori Park: Stroll through the beautiful Odori Park, known for its seasonal events and scenic beauty.
  3. Sapporo TV Tower: Ascend the Sapporo TV Tower for panoramic views of the city and the surrounding landscape.
  4. Hokkaido Jingu Shrine: Explore the Hokkaido Jingu Shrine, a serene place of worship amidst the urban landscape.
  5. Sapporo Art Park: Immerse yourself in art and nature at the Sapporo Art Park, featuring outdoor sculptures and cultural exhibitions.

Closing Opinion:

Sapporo’s gourmet travel and restaurant tour offers a delightful journey into the heart of Hokkaido’s cuisine. With a range of delectable dishes that celebrate the region’s rich culinary traditions, your visit to Sapporo will be a memorable experience.


Q1: Is tipping customary in Sapporo restaurants? A1: Tipping is not customary in Japan, including Sapporo. Exceptional service is expected and tipping may even be refused. A polite thank-you is appreciated.

Q2: Are English menus available at these recommended places? A2: Some restaurants in Sapporo may offer English menus, especially in tourist areas. However, it’s helpful to use translation apps or familiarize yourself with common Japanese menu items.

Q3: Can I find vegetarian or vegan options in Sapporo’s restaurants? A3: While vegetarian and vegan options are becoming more available, many traditional dishes in Sapporo may contain meat or seafood. Informing the restaurant of your dietary preferences is advisable.

Q4: Are reservations needed for these recommended restaurants? A4: Reservations are recommended, especially for popular places like Sapporo Beer Garden and Sushizanmai Sapporo. However, some street food stalls and casual eateries accept walk-ins.

Q5: When is the best time to visit Nijo Market for the freshest seafood? A5: For the freshest seafood experience at Nijo Market, consider visiting in the morning when the day’s catch is at its peak freshness.

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